Collective Intelligence with Mindfulness

Article published by BCG & Awaris – by Christian Greiser, Jan-Philipp Martini, Liane Stephan, and Chris Tamdjidi

How can a company ensure that its collective intelligence is greater than the sum of its parts? Many companies recognize that collective intelligence—the capability of a group of people to solve complex problems—is an important source of competitive advantage. Collective intelligence depends on integrating team members’ diversity, in terms of cognitive styles and world views. All team members must feel emotionally safe to share opin- ions and ideas and, in turn, be receptive to their colleagues’ viewpoints. But creating a culture of tolerance and acceptance is quite a challenge.

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BCG – Tap Your Company’s Collective Intelligence with Mindfulness Feb 2020

Building Cultures of Collaboration

Many organisations have done a lot to help teams function well. Most of this has been around the WHAT– roles, processes, tasks, tools. This has lead to many organisations having team competence. Nonetheless, eve- ryone still experiences many dysfunctional teams. Most of the problem now is in the HOW – how teams inter- act with each other on a human level.

While many acknowledge the dysfunction, they are blind to their own role in this – how constant distraction, interruptions, lack of presence lead to a team atmosphere that lacks emotional safety and engagement. Mind- fulness in teams can profoundly shift this – simply through noticing and acknowledging this deep level of humanity that exists in our interactions and affects outcomes.

Addressing this with simple rituals and habits leads to a pronounced shift in the collective intelligence of teams.

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